Important Notice - Covid-19 Update (March 20, 2020)

Dear CRAO Member,

In the time that has passed since our recent Annual General Meeting, one issue has dominated the headlines both within Ontario and abroad: COVID-19. Information about the spread of this virus and the accompanying economic and legal consequences changes day by day, if not hour by hour. Within a few short weeks, the spread of this virus has caused historic disruption to financial markets, employer operations and the activities of many Ontarians, including those within our industry.

As a member of the Crane Rental Association of Ontario, you need to know that we are working hard to support each of our members during these turbulent and uncertain times. We want to help you get answers to the questions you may have regarding COVID-19 and its impact on your business as an employer. As we have recently witnessed, government directives regarding business operations can change drastically within a single business day. It's important for our members to stay on top of these developments. As a starting point, we are providing you with a document that answers many questions that have been frequently asked by employers across Ontario since the COVID-19 outbreak began to impact Canadians. This document is attached and we encourage you to review it.

You may have additional questions regarding COVID-19 that are specific to your business. As a CRAO member, we want to make sure that those questions are answered. One of the benefits of your CRAO membership is that can access one hour of legal consultation each month with Jonathan Maier, a partner in the law firm of Hicks Morley, who is legal counsel to the CRAO. Ordinarily, this one hour can be used to address questions regarding the Provincial Collective Agreement. However, because of the drastic impact that COVID-19 is already having on employers across the province, the CRAO has extended this benefit to cover questions that are specific to COVID-19. Jonathan would be pleased to speak with you about how COVID-19 is impacting your workplace and the ways in which you can best respond. If you need current information, a company-specific policy, or other information, Jonathan is prepared to help.

I invite you to make use of this CRAO benefit by contacting Jonathan by e-mail at, and I extend to you my sincerest wishes for health and resilience during this difficult time.

Yours truly,
Jason Hanna
Crane Rental Association of Ontario

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